Jean-Marie Le Pen is in the hospital

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The trial of Jean-Marie Le Pen was postponed as he was admitted to hospital due to "Dangerousς pulmonaryς complicationς", as stated by his advisor, Laurent de Saint Africa.

It is noted that Jean-Marie Le Pen was to be tried today for "incitement to hatred or violence" as well did offensive comments against homosexuals and against a police officer who was killed in a terrorist attack in 2017.

The court accepted his lawyer's request and adjourned the trial to October 3.

His lawyer, Frederic Joachim, presented a document to the court certifying that his client had been admitted to a hospital where he would remain "for an indefinite period of time". Frederic Joachim assures, however, that Le Pen does not want to evade justice.  

It is noted that the co-founder of the National Front was hospitalized in early April with the flu.