Huge explosion shakes Dubai: Cargo ship exploded (VIDEO)

Huge explosion shakes Dubai: Cargo ship exploded (VIDEO)

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A huge explosion took place late Wednesday night in the port of Jebel Ali in Dubai. As it became known, a cargo ship was detonated, which was moored for work. According to the Dubai Defense Minister, there are no reports of casualties.

The shock wave caused by the horrific explosion was felt within a radius of many kilometers, shook and shattered windows in many buildings.

A large-scale operation was immediately set up to put out the fire and locate any victims.
In a statement, the Dubai government wrote: "A fire broke out in a container inside a ship, which was anchored in the port of Jebel Ali. We are working to put out the fire. "

Shocking videos circulating on social media showing the magnitude of the disaster. The news went around the world, while according to eyewitnesses, for a few minutes the absolute chaos prevailed in the area, as no one knew what had happened.

Watch the video below with the damaged landscape left behind by the explosion in the port:

Authorities in Dubai have already launched an investigation into the cause of the blast.

The Emirates government press service recently stressed that the fire "has been brought under control" and that there are no reports of deaths or injuries.