The epic scene turned into a scene from a horror movie

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The woman in a state of amok bit the genitals of one of her partners

The epic triangle in an apartment in Hanahan, South Carolina, turned into a scene from a splatter movie, as the police officers who rushed to the spot after receiving a call admitted.

A woman under the influence of heroin and methamphetamines bit the genitals of one of her partners trying to cut them off.

On the night of Monday 22/10, the immediate action was called by a man who claimed that a woman tried to cut his penis with her teeth. When the police arrived at the apartment, they saw the woman naked and full of blood. He was in a state of amok and did not hesitate to pour on them.

In order to be able to immobilize her, they used a teaser, while they had to give her a special spray in order to bring her back. They then took her to the hospital for first aid.

It is not known if the man he bit, lost his penis or the doctors were able to repair the damage.

"Honestly, this is one of the most creepy videos a police camera has ever seen in my career. "It really reminds me of a scene you can see in a horror movie," police chief Dennis Turner told

Authorities have launched an investigation to determine if there was any reprehensible act during the three men 's epic meeting. At present, however, no accusation has been made against the woman.