The satanic plan of two 11 and 12 year old schoolgirls

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The timely intervention of the police prevented the massacre

The timely intervention of the police on Tuesday 23/10 at the high school in Bartow, Florida, prevented the massacre planned by two young schoolgirls.

According to the authorities, the two girls, aged 11 and 12, had gone to school with knives and pizza cutters in order to kill and cut their classmates!

"They wanted to kill at least 15 people and were waiting in the toilets to find younger children who could fall victim to them," said local police chief Joe Hall.

Their plan was also to drink the blood of their victims from a metal cup and then commit suicide!

In their apologies they mentioned that they made their horrible plan over the weekend and that they would do it in the name of Satan!

"When I sat down and watched their testimonies, I did not think it was a joke," said the police chief.

Luckily for their classmates, the two girls were spotted by the school's deputy principal before embarking on their satanic plan.

The school staff started looking for them as they were absent from their classrooms.

Eventually they were located in the bathroom they mentioned in their plans.

They were arrested and taken into custody, while police officers who searched their homes found a handwritten map of the high school with the words "Go kill in the bathroom".

They also found messages on their cell phones related to the planned attacks.

One of them, according to the police, wrote: "We will leave human limbs at the entrance and then we will commit suicide".

"It's very embarrassing for me, but I want parents to know that we will do everything we can to keep their children safe," said Jacqueline Byrd, the school's caretaker.

Both girls are accused of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and possession of a weapon at school.