Turkey - Scenarios for Erdogan's health erupt - "He has very serious problems"


Is Recep Tayyip Erdogan in good health? Following the numerous reports on the health condition of the Turkish president, the scenarios for his replacement, if required, have "erupted".

Rumors had been circulating since July that he was not well, when a video was released showing him having difficulty speaking clearly and not being able to keep his eyes open. https://www.youtube.com/embed/qd1k1j316J0

Some reports have suggested that the National Security Council last August also discussed who will replace the Turkish president if required.

What a Turkish analyst says

Speaking about the rumors about the health of Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish analyst Xevheri Güven told the main news bulletin of the Open: "It is difficult to answer the questions of the journalists, there is a very big screen behind the journalists and they have to answer questions they ask, which are prepared in advance by reading the texts on this screen ".

"The daily schedule of his appearances is shortened in this way. "He really has very serious health problems," said Jevheri Gouven.

In the scenario that Hulusi Akar will take power if the health of Tayyip Erdogan deteriorates, the Turkish analyst said: "Especially after July 15, Tayyip Erdogan fully handed over the command of the Ankara Armed Forces to some very important changes, therefore the air, naval and land forces are directly under the Ministry of National Defense ".

However, the government press, according to the same source, attributes Erdogan's fatigue to the heavy schedule and the president's commitments.

However, the debate over Tayyip Erdogan's state of health has been going on for years, with Ankara sources always attributing it to fatigue over his schedule.

Health problems

In fact, Erdogan has been suffering from serious health problems for years.

The Nordic monitor conducted a thorough investigation, which revealed that Erdogan in 2011 had colon cancer. He had to undergo two surgeries in complete secrecy. What has also become known is that the Turkish president suffers from epilepsy.

The operation was performed in an atmosphere of absolute secrecy by Dr. Dursun Bugra, who received instructions from Fahreddin Koca, who later became Minister of Health and who at the time managed the Erdogan family's investments in health and Medipol Hospital. During the operation, a part of the large intestine 20-25 cm long was removed.

In the photos of the time one can observe the suffering that the 57-year-old prime minister had suffered.

His weight had been significantly reduced, and his features had been altered. According to a specialist surgeon, Erdogan underwent chemotherapy, but not radiotherapy, in order not to be forced out of the political scene.

Source: in.gr