Turkey: PA reconnaissance plane crashes - 7 dead

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Seven members of the Turkish Armed Forces were killed when an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft crashed in Turkey's eastern province of Van, Turkish Anadolu news agency reported, citing Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu.

The accident happened in the province of Guevara and debris was found at an altitude of 2.200 meters, at 03:00 (local time), with Soilou stating the following:

"Our teams reported that our plane crashed at an altitude of 2.200 on Mount Artos. "Our teams informed us that we lost seven people, two of whom were pilots."

He added:

"At 22:32, when he was last in Bascale, they contacted the control tower and reported that he was on his way back. Then, at about 22:45, both the radar and the communication stopped completely. "Our aircraft, which was registered as a manned reconnaissance aircraft, model 2015, was on a reconnaissance and surveillance mission in the provinces of Van and Hakkari since Monday and had departed from the airport" Ferrit Melen ".

Source: SIgmalive