Trump: The Russian President is not an enemy but a rival

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US President Donald Trump said today that Monday's summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin may be the easiest part of his visit to Europe, noting that Moscow is not an enemy.

Asked by reporters after the North Atlantic Alliance summit in Brussels if Putin was a threat, Trump replied:

"I do not want it to be and that is why we have NATO. "It is a competitor," he stressed. "Is he my enemy?" He is not my enemy. He represents Russia, and I represent the United States. I hope one day he might be a friend. "I do not know him very well," he added.

He noted that during their bilateral meeting they will address a number of issues, such as arms control, Syria and Ukraine.

In particular, Donald Trump stated,

"We want to know about Syria. "We will discuss Russian intervention in the US presidential election in 2016. We will talk about Ukraine."