19 burglaries and thefts in 20 days - Handcuffs on 2 people

Arrest of two persons aged 33 and 19 years

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In the context of evaluating data on cases of burglary and theft, the Police proceeded today and specifically shortly after midnight, the arrest of two persons aged 33 and 19, to facilitate investigations.

Specifically, between the dates 8-27 / 11/2021 a total of 19 cases of burglary and theft were reported to the Police, committed in various areas of Nicosia. For these cases, information was allegedly obtained about the mentioned persons, against whom arrest warrants had been issued.

After coordinated actions by members of the Police, 40 minutes after midnight today, the 19-year-old was found driving his car on a street in Nicosia and after being stopped, he was arrested on a court warrant.

Also, a little later and specifically around 1.25 in the morning today, he was located at his home and the second person, aged 33, was arrested. A search followed inside the house where various items were received for further examinations.

The two arrested are expected to be brought before the District Court of Nicosia this morning to secure a detention order while the TAE Nicosia continues the investigation.