They left a schoolgirl out of school unattended - The mother complains

The coronavirus test, which he had undergone a little earlier in a private chemist, was not accepted.

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A 9-year-old student was left outside her school yesterday, according to her mother, as the coronavirus test, which she had undergone a little earlier in a private chemist, was not accepted. What is most worrying is that the mother reports that the child was left unattended and exposed to danger, looking out of the fence and crying.

According to the complaint, the message from the chemist was delayed, something that the mother informed about, who later informed about the negative result that reached her cell phone.

According to what the mother says, yesterday at 7:15 p.m. went to a private chemist for a coronary test for her daughter and then went to school. When he arrived he did not yet have the chemist's answer and after entering the fenced area with the child, he informed one of the teachers who was checking the tests. She then states that the child was instructed to proceed to the entrance and wait, resulting in her leaving.

In a few minutes the mother received the message with the negative result from the chemist and informed the school by phone. According to him, he was informed by the school that the message was not acceptable and when asked if the child was in the classroom, he allegedly did not receive an answer. Then, the mother returned to the school and as she complains, she located the child outside the fence crying, without supervision. He states that the excuse given was that "everyone was busy".