Everything changes in the dog law - Fine up to €2000

The bill was approved by the Cabinet and submitted to the Parliament - Aim to limit strays

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Penalties that will impact wallets of those who will not comply with the legislation brings the amending bill to the Law on Dogs which was submitted to the Parliament.

The bill even entails an extrajudicial fine  2000 to euro when dogs of a prohibited breed are walking around without a muzzle or are outside the boundaries of their owners' homes.

Typically, the bill provides for the following extrajudicial fines:

  • Ownership of a dog without a license €200
  • Possession of a dog without marking and registration in the Director's register €200
  • Failure to notify the competent Authority of the death of a dog or failure to submit a death certificate from an approved veterinarian within 7 days of the dog's death date €100
  • Selling or giving a dog to another person before the transfer process is completed €100
  • Failure to notify the competent authority regarding the loss or theft of the dog within two days from the date of loss or theft €100
  • Failure to post a warning sign for the presence of a dog at the entrance of a house or real estate €50
  • Finding a dog that is found to be dangerous by the competent Authority outside the owner's home €200
  • Failure to take appropriate measures to prevent nuisance caused by barking €200
  • Κnot having a dog belonging to one of the prohibited and prohibited breeds or come from crossing these breeds with a dog of a breed that does not has been declared as such €1000
  • Dog living in conditions that make it dangerous for public health €200
  • Failure to take necessary measures forpreventing escape, escape of dog or abandonment of dog €200
  • Living a dog on premises or premises not owned by the dog's owner unless authorized by the legal owner. If the dog lives in premises or premises that are not approved by the competent Authority €200

No leash

Person who allows the dog to roam in a public place without being on a leash or in a place belonging to another person without the consent of the owner €300

Failure to clean with a bag

Failure to immediately remove the dog's faeces or other impurities from any street or area €300

  • Importation or trafficking in the Republic of dangerous dog breeds with fighting characteristics or bred for the purpose of these characteristics and belonging to the prohibited breeds €1000
  • Possession, breeding, breeding, sale, advertising, exchange, exhibition for sale of dog belonging to the forbidden tribes or comes from crossing such breeds or with a dog of any breed with prohibited breeds €1000
  • Possession of a dog of prohibited breeds or a crossbreed of such breeds or of another breed with a dog of a prohibited breed and is not sterilized €1000
  • Presence of a dog of prohibited breeds or crossbreeding of such breeds or a dog of any breed with a dog of a prohibited breed  not muzzled or leashed when outside the owner's house or premises €2000
  • Keeping a dog in a common area of ​​an apartment building €200
  • Presence of a dog in prohibited areas €200. The same penalty applies to the presence of dogs of a prohibited breed in a certain area
  • Obstructing the competent Authority from exercising its duties €200
  • Non-presence of identity information at the competent Authority €200

Fine for microchips

  • Ownership of a dog older than two months without bearing a collar to which to indicate the number of the occupancy permit and the phone number of the owner €100
  • Failure to inform the manager and the Competent Authority for any change of contact details or accommodation of the owners and accommodation of the dogs. The extra charge will be imposed 10 days from the day of the €100 change
  • Failure to comply with applicable requirements the marketing, importation, distribution, supply and installation of the means of marking the dogs €1000.

The target

They were clarified through the bill the responsibilities of those involved with the aim of more effective implementation of the legislation through the introduction of extrajudicial fines. The aim is to impose deterrent penalties and the problem of stray dogs will be reduced. The Council of Ministers approved the bill on September 07, 2022. The bill, as we are informed, will be discussed in the Parliament's Environment Committee in two weeks.

Theopeptou: We need a policy for strays

On the occasion of the filing of the bill the president of the Environmentalists and the Environment Committee of the Parliament Charalambos Theopeptou indicated that long-term planning is required and correct policy for strays. As he explained the model applied in the Netherlands should be our base since the Dutch have identified the food points of the strays and sterilize them.

Mr. Theopeptou emphasized that the Government must move forward in the construction of shelters for strayswhile he opposed the killing of a stray when the two-week time limit has passed. The president of the Environmentalists emphasized that it should to finally implement the legislation on the use of microchips.

The director of Veterinary Services Christodoulos Pipis he emphasized that the amendment to the legislation was requested by the veterinary services in order to clarifyn the responsibilities of those involved.

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