State Response to School Vandalism - Guards, Cameras, and Patrols

A resounding message from Dragon-Forerunner, in immediate implementation of actions that will restore security

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The State's response to the incidents of vandalism in primary schools (Nicosia and Limassol) was immediate, which came through the Ministers of Education and Justice immediately after the end of the extraordinary meeting.

Prodromos Prodromou and Stefi Drakou met extraordinarily today (Friday 3/12) with delegations of the Police as well as members of the leadership of POED receiving immediate measures to prevent similar incidents such as the bombing (in a primary school in Zakaki) and the arson of a classroom (in a primary school in Deftera).

In fact, during their statements, the two ministers made it clear that schools will remain open and potential ordinances must be obeyed and respected by all. In the first phase, the necessary arrangements will be made to exist increased patrols in schools, arrangements for the placement of guards in school units, and further actions will be considered to restore the feeling of order and security to parents, teachers and students. At the same time, the possibility of installing security cameras that will help prevent such incidents is being considered.

As stated by the Minister of Justice and Public Order, Stefi Drakou an appeal to all parents to comply for the good of the whole society but above all for their own children and the teachers who have their responsibility. He stated in detail: "First of all, the schools remain open, the decrees must be respected. We call on parents to comply for the good and the public interest, to show their solidarity to protect our children, to protect our teachers. It was agreed based on the recommendations of the POED, to have increased patrols in our schools, that there will be immediate arrangements to have guards and certainly various other measures, which will enhance the sense of security, which as a state we want to give to parents as well as and to the teachers who are responsible for these children. "

The Minister of Education and Culture, Prodromos Prodromou, then spoke and thanked both Stefi Drakou and the Police for their cooperation, emphasizing that we want open and safe schools. Specifically stated "The police are already providing and will do so in the next period, measures that will be in force for a period of two months to deal with the deteriorating situation. Increased patrols by the Police, we will take care through the School Ephorates to provide security in certain schools during the night, as well as possibly install security systems - cameras, in order to prevent the minimum extreme cases of danger that endanger such as we also saw the schools and the teachers. "