The first cameras will be piloted in 10 high-risk schools

The first cameras will be piloted in ten high-risk schools

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The first cameras will be implemented on a pilot basis in ten high-risk schools, in an attempt to limit vandalism, the Minister of Education, Athina Michailidou, said in the Morning Route, pointing out that the measure will then be extended to other school units.

Mrs. Michailidou emphasized that the installation of cameras is a preventive measure which will partially prevent vandalism, however it will not completely solve the problem.

He explained that in the context of the effort for safe schools, the implementation of pedagogical measures is also being promoted, to which all relevant bodies and especially parents are invited to contribute.

The Minister of Education also said that there is cooperation with Greece, where yesterday the function of an "interactive platform" for submitting complaints was launched and the aim is to implement this specific measure in Cyprus as well.

Mrs. Michailidou also referred to the important changes that are being promoted from September, regarding the curricula. He said that now, emphasis will be placed on children's skills, the development of critical thinking and their creativity, while the material will be updated where necessary.

Referring to the "appointment examinations", the Minister noted that it is not possible for such a large number of candidates to appear and for only a few to succeed. Therefore - he added - a dialogue will begin soon, so that radical changes can be made and sent to the Parliament for approval.

Mrs. Michailidou pointed out that from 2027 the most important reform will be implemented, on the basis of which teachers will not be appointed from the list, but through examinations.

Source: riknews