New measures are announced on Friday - Kostrikki Suggestions

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What he said about a possible lockdown in Limassol - What might change with Greece

The possibility that the mask must be applied indoors and in Cyprus is visible. The professor of virology - member of the scientific team Dr. Leontios Kostrikkis stressed that the day after tomorrow, Friday, at the meeting convened by the President of the Republic at the Presidential Palace, he will suggest the use of a protective mask indoors by citizens and workers after the recent outbreak.

Dr. Kostrikkis was particularly strong saying that lately there has been a tremendous relaxation of measures. As he said, "what are the controls when an Indian gives wrong information and a girl who traveled to the USA does not enter into self-restraint and after two days cuts walks"? Professor L. Kostrikkis stressed that he would suggest the intensification of controls and stricter penalties. It will also suggest the specialization of the owners of mainly dining areas since many employees do not use the mask properly and do not cover the nose.

The Ministry said. Health - St. Kyriakidou / Concern about the cases
Another measure revealed to Offsite that Dr. Kostrikkis will suggest will be the resumption of quarantine by travelers from category C countries. That is, these travelers should stay for some time in hotel units. At the same time, there should be some self-restraint for travelers from category B countries.

Does not play local Lockdown

Dr. Kostrikkis stressed that the local lockdown in Limassol is not on the table for discussion. As he said, Limassol is a "victim" of the Airports and the existence of shipping companies in the city. Typically, in the last few days the cases have reached 30 in the city with the main focus being the Limassol Marina.


Regarding Greece, Dr. Kostrikis stressed that the areas should be categorized since at the moment Greece is a mosaic. Characteristically, he mentioned that the islands should be included in a different category, such as Mykonos, which gathers a lot of people and it is difficult, e.g. the distances are kept, Athens and Thessaloniki and a different village of Peloponnese ”. So Dr. Kostrikkis 'suggestion is that some areas of Greece should be considered in category B'.

Source: Offsite