Hadjipantela: The Ministry of Health will not hesitate to restore measures

Any decisions on further measures will be made clear during the meeting on Wednesday

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The Ministry of Health will not hesitate to reintroduce measures to deal with Covid-19, the Minister of Health, Michalis Hatzipantela, said on Monday, who, however, indicated that any decisions on further measures will be clarified during the meeting he will have on Wednesday, with the members of the Scientific Advisory Committee.

Speaking on the sidelines of the press conference, about the afternoon work of public hospitals, the Minister of Health did not rule out an increase in the sampling points for rapid antigen detection tests (rapid test), due to the increasing trend of cases in the community.

As he said, on Wednesday he will meet with the members of the CEE, to note that he is waiting for their recommendations, so that decisions can be made.

According to Mr. Hatzipantela, "the Ministry of Health assesses the situation every day and is concerned".

"We are waiting", he added, "to listen to the experts and if we have to take further measures, as was done with the return of the mask, we will not hesitate to take them".

He also said that "we must always see what is happening in our country, but also what is happening abroad".

As for a possible increase in sampling points, he said he would wait to hear from the scientists and then make a decision.

Source: KYPE