They suspend the strike measures in the EAC – There will be no power cut

Suspension of strike measures after the meeting with the Minister of Labor and Social Insurance

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The suspension of the strike measures, after a meeting with the Minister of Labor and Social Insurance, Kyriakos I. Kousios, was decided by the Trade Union Organizations of the EAC, therefore the electricity supply will normally take place on Wednesday.

In a statement they say:

"The Minister of Labor and Social Insurance, Mr. Kyriakos I. Kousios, taking the initiative, convened, this afternoon, a meeting in his Office which was concluded shortly. During the meeting, we had the opportunity to inform the Minister of Labor about the issues that concern EAC workers and to express our concern for the future of the Agency and the energy sector in our country. During the consultation, it was agreed that the Minister of Labor arrange, as soon as possible and in any case within the next week, in his presence, meetings with the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry and the Minister of Finance to discuss the issues that concern us. Following this development, we have decided to suspend the measures planned for tomorrow, Wednesday 14/12/2022. We thank the Minister of Labor and Social Insurance for his intervention."

EAC's Board of Directors expresses its satisfaction with the suspension of measures

The Board of Directors of EAC expresses its satisfaction after the decision of the trade unions to suspend the measures that had been announced. "A decision of prudence and responsibility in difficult times for everyone."

In the announcement of the EAC Board of Directors, it is added that the suspension of the measures contributes to the continuation of the constructive dialogue between all interested parties to resolve the various issues that concern the Organization.