Annita Dimitriou: Visited Makareio - "To support Public Hospitals"

The need to support public hospitals in the midst of a pandemic, noted the Speaker of Parliament


The Speaker of Parliament, Annita Dimitriou, said on Thursday that "especially in a difficult period like the one we are going through with the pandemic, the need to support public hospitals and the services offered for the best possible medical care of the people becomes even more urgent. citizens ".

After a visit to Makareio Hospital, the Speaker of Parliament stated that she was "really impressed with the level of service provided".

He added that he would send a letter to the Minister of Health, "so that we can further strengthen the needs that exist, especially when we are dealing with children who really need to have the best care as required and appropriate in a modern European state."

Asked if her visit to Makareio Hospital is a practical proof of the support of pediatricians after the threats they received about vaccination issues, the Speaker of Parliament answered in the affirmative, noting that "we need to support our doctors, our scientists with the best strong way and all together with collective responsibility to face the great challenge and to wish as soon as possible to end and to be able to return to our normalcy ".

"So we need to coordinate efforts and give the right messages to civil society that it is also a matter of individual but primarily collective responsibility," he said.