The Bicycle Gate opens… "where to catch up"

Only 600 people will apply

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Minister of Transport - Press Conference Ministry of Finance, Nicosia, Cyprus The Minister of Transport, Communications and Works Mr. Giannis Karousos in a press conference for the presentation of the "Action Plan for the Promotion of Bicycle Use for the period 2021 - 2023". // Transport Minister - Press Conference Ministry of Finance, Lefkosia, Cyprus The Minister of Transport, Communications and Works, Mr Yiannis Karousos, gives a press conference to present the “Action Plan to Promote Bicycle Use for the Period 2021 - 2023”.

The portal of applications for sponsorship of the purchase of a bicycle is being prepared to reopen after the catastrophic failure of the Ministry. Transport on Monday to accept the volume of people who wanted to apply for sponsorship.

It is recalled that the Gate, following the. Steps of the Vaccination Gate, fell as soon as it opened with the Ministry claiming that this was due to the thousands of citizens who wanted to enter the system.

Today, the Minister of Transport, speaking on Alpha TV, said that the Gate will probably be reopened next Tuesday, November 9, for the bicycles for the disabled, while on Wednesday it will be open for the conventional bicycles.

Only for those who receive sponsorships

And as if the catastrophic failure was not enough, Mr. Karousos admitted today that in this phase the first 600 who will enter the system will be able to apply as the amount of the sponsorship amounts to only € 120.000.

"The goal is to get the applications and make the payments by the end of the year from the budget line of this year. It is 120,000 euros for 600 bicycles. In 2022 we will have another 250,000 for a new program, with new applications. The plan is for three years and this year is its first phase, we will see changes in the criteria or the amount of the subsidy. "

With the opening of the Portal, those interested will submit information such as name and mobile phone number to the online application. Then, they will receive an SMS message on their mobile phone with "unique code" (OTP) to confirm their interest. The beneficiary will then receive an email with the relevant link, where he will enter all the required information, the Minister said.

Mr. Karousos said that the sponsorships will be given in order of priority by the Portal, while the provision of incentives for electric bicycles will be included in the Electricity Plan already being worked out by the Ministry of Transport.