Andri Eleftheriou: He complained of sexual abuse by a sports agent

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The athlete and Olympian Andri Eleftheriou had a meeting today with the Minister of Justice and Public Order, Mrs. Emily Giolitis, at the invitation of the Minister, to discuss Ms. Eleftheriou's reports to the media about sexual abuse by a sports player a few years ago.

Ms. Andri Eleftheriou, after a discussion with the Minister, made an official complaint to the Police for the abuse she received.

The Minister of Justice and Public Order congratulated Ms. Eleftheriou for the courage she showed and assured her that both the State and she personally will support her throughout the process. He also assured the determination of the State and itself to combat such phenomena wherever they come from.

The Minister of Justice calls on all women who have suffered violence to file a complaint, without fear, noting that much progress has been made in the way such complaints are handled.

Ms. Gioliti reminds that in the Police there are Special Ladders that deal with such cases, the House of Women, as well as SPAVO.

In a post on Twitter, the Minister of Justice states, “Huge congratulations to Andri Eleftheriou who spoke. In a State that owes and wants to protect the victims and bring the guilty to justice. Let others give the impetus to speak. To break the cycle of silence. And to correct everything that feeds him ".