Attempted murder in Paphos - 21-year-old handcuffed

Testimony emerged against the 21-year-old


A case of attempted murder, with a 36-year-old victim, is being investigated by the Police in Paphos. For the case, a 21-year-old man was arrested yesterday and taken into custody to facilitate investigations.

The investigation of the case began on the evening of December 19, 2023, when information was received by the Police that a 36-year-old man was taken to the Paphos General Hospital with injuries from a sharp object. The 36-year-old suffered chest injuries in his left armpit and left hand.

From the Police examinations, testimony emerged against a 21-year-old resident of Paphos, who was arrested, yesterday afternoon, by virtue of a judicial arrest warrant.

As for the 36-year-old, after undergoing surgery, he was kept for hospitalization at the Paphos General Hospital, with his state of health described by the treating doctors as out of danger.

TAE Paphos is investigating the case.