Open Arms continues its journey to Gaza without interruption

The ship Open Arms continues its journey carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza

Screenshot 1 11 Open Arms, GAZA

The ship Open Arms continues its journey carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, according to information from the KYPE and is expected to arrive in the region tomorrow evening, while in Cyprus there are echelons from the General Directorate of European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) and the UN Office for Program Services (UNOPS) to support Cyprus experts.

The ship Open Arms left yesterday at around 9.00 am from the Port of Larnaca for Gaza.

According to the same information, the ship continues its voyage, everything is fine and no issues have arisen.

The weather is favorable and everything is going smoothly while the technical issues that may have arisen upon the arrival of the ship have been sorted out.

At the same time, today's teleconference of the participants in the maritime humanitarian corridor initiative to Gaza, i.e. the Republic of Cyprus, the USA, Britain, the European Commission, the United Arab Emirates, is expected, according to the information, to be a continuation of the joint announcement , statement of intent, issued last Friday.

The teleconference, which takes place this afternoon, will be at the level of Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

Besides, the echelon of DG ECHO of the European Commission and UNOPS arrived in Cyprus and will strengthen the groups of Cypriot experts.

Source: KYPEOpen Arms