Destruction for the Argyrou-Rouvas concert: Voices for the packed Tsirio (PHOTO)

"We knew nothing would be implemented"

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Effervescence prevails in the ranks of the sports fans, specifically the teams of Limassol, seeing last night's images of the packed Tsireios Stadium at the concert of Constantinos Argyros and Sakis Rouvas.

Images released from the concert show the upper tiers of the East and West stands of the stadium packed. At the same time, there is a relevant decision of the Stadium Licensing Authority to limit the use of 50% for safety reasons.

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Apollo's press representative Fanourios Konstantinou referred to what took place in Tsireio. "We knew nothing would be implemented. Some make fun of the fans of Apollon, AEL and Limassol. How can they have fun for four hours in the crowded West? We are talking about different decisions. They intend to hurt football. It's a deliberate decision. How is it possible to put 8.000 in the concert and in football there are restrictions. We will do whatever it takes to get the people of Apollo to the stadium."

In a statement, AEL stated that "What is really happening is a huge fiasco, a big mockery, towards the Unions of Limassol but also towards the people of Limassol and it is not going to go unnoticed. We are not going to accept any excuses and any lies from the Competent Authorities. Our reaction will be very great. AEL will send letters with our written positions to all Competent Authorities, to the GSO, to the CMO and wherever else necessary. We are no longer going to tolerate this situation with the Tsirio stadium. They play with our intelligence and the intelligence of the people of Limassol. The GSO bears a great deal of responsibility for what happened at the concert, which is also responsible for the poor condition of the stadium's playing field. We have injured footballers because of the poor state of the pitch."
For his part, the Mayor of Limassol, Nikos Nilolaidis stated that it is an issue, safety is... safety whether it is for fans or music lovers".

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He added that there should be no double standards and on the other hand the safety and health of the citizen should not be endangered.
He added that the new football stadium is a need that has been met after many years. "We are looking forward to it and I hope that soon it will start working even with some small imperfections that will also end soon. You realize how counterproductive it is for a team from Limassol to play an international game outside the city."

The president of GSO, Kyriakos Tsolakis spoke to Super Sport FM and emphasized, among other things, that "we have given the specifications. We want the support of the Limassol teams. For us the stadium is safe. The GSO has no responsibility for the spectators who enter the stadium."