27-year-old handcuffs for forgery and circulation of checks

Two others, aged 24 and 37, are wanted

plastografia forgery

Paphos Police proceeded to a new arrest for the case of forgery and circulation of checks. This is the fourth arrest and concerns a 27-year-old. Three other compatriots aged 22,23, 26 and 24 from Bulgaria have been arrested and charged in the same case, while two others, aged 37 and XNUMX, are wanted.

According to the spokesman of the Paphos Police Department and Head of the Paphos Police, Michalis Nikolaou, a total of nine checks were submitted between June 1, 2022 and June 9, 2022 in a supermarket in the area of ​​Pegeia, based on which a total property of representations.

A total of six people involved in the case conspired with each other, according to the Police, forging checks which belong to an account that has been closed. They then presented themselves alternately in the supermarket and managed to extract property as well as sums of money they received as change by issuing checks for larger sums of money than the value of the goods they bought. The examinations of TAE Paphos continue in order to locate the other two persons.

Source: KYPE