He tried to travel with a "borrowed" passport - Handcuffs to two 29-year-olds

The two 29-year-olds were detained for police purposes

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Two women, aged 29, were arrested yesterday by the Police, to facilitate the investigations into an investigated case of aiding, abetting or crossing the territory of the Republic, forgery, illegal entry into the Republic, and conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor.

Specifically, shortly after 6.00 on Monday afternoon, at the departure area of ​​Larnaca airport, a 29-year-old who was going to leave by flight to England, presented a passport of a European country to a member of the Police, for which the check raised suspicions that did not belong to her. During the oral interrogation, the 29-year-old stated her real details, while she was then arrested for the self-inflicted crime of forgery.

Further examinations were carried out and it was found that the passport belongs to a second woman, also 29 years old, a citizen of the European country from which the passport was issued, who is in Cyprus as a guest and stays in a hotel in Larnaca. The second suspect was located by members of the Police in the said hotel and was arrested with a court order.

The two 29-year-olds were detained for the purpose of police examinations, with the Larnaca Police Department continuing the examinations.