Immigrants were trafficked from the dead zone - Handcuffs on two women

Arrest of two women aged 29 and 25

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Police arrested two women, aged 29 and 25, respectively, on court warrants yesterday, to facilitate the investigation, in connection with an investigated case of conspiracy to commit a crime, aiding and abetting the entry, transit and stay of third-country nationals in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus. .
The arrest of the two women was preceded by an evaluation of information, for a suspicious vehicle, which shortly before 3 yesterday afternoon, was seen entering the dead zone in an area of ​​Nicosia.
According to the examined data, a person got out of the car, who after entering areas not controlled by the Republic of Cyprus, returned after a while, followed by a group of persons.
Then a number of people boarded the above car, which entered the free areas, where it was stopped by members of the Police.
The examinations revealed that the driver of the vehicle was 25 years old and the co-driver was 29 years old, while in the back seats, as well as in the luggage compartment of the vehicle, six persons were identified (4 men and two women).
The six were taken to a shelter, while the two women were taken into custody to facilitate interrogations.
TAE Morphou continues the exams.