Diabetics cannot measure sugar

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It seems that some people have been playing dangerous games with the health of diabetics for the last two - at least - weeks, since they did not take care in time or did not give their efforts, so that there are enough in Cyprus, what is necessary for them and thus have a decent and as safe a life as possible.

According to diabetics who contacted the "The reader has a reason" column of "F", in the last few days, their blood sugar measuring tapes, which are necessary for the special motorbikes they own to operate, have disappeared from the market, so that they know their sugar level and act accordingly.

As beneficiaries of GESS they received the films for the relevant measurement, from the pharmacy of their neighborhood, every month. In the last two weeks, however, as they claim, they have disappeared from the Cypriot market.

Other patients complain that a specific drug, ORIZAN 40.5, for which they paid € 1, were called in recent days to pay € 5.56 for the same drug.

"F" asked for explanations from the Health Insurance Organization (OAY) for the above and his competent official, confirmed what the patients complain.

Regarding the sugar strips, OAY says that they will be available in pharmacies this week.

Regarding the increase in the sale price of ORIZAN 40.5 imposed on the beneficiaries of GESS, we were told that the Contribution II paid by the beneficiary for medicines, depends on other medicines included in the List of medicinal Products of GESS. If imported drugs are cheaper than existing ones, then Contribution II is increased.

"In any case, patients are encouraged to contact their doctor in order to be prescribed zero-contribution drugs," the official urged.

Source: The Liberal