Dr. Tsioutis: Early lifting of all measures - 25% of Omicron deaths

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Members of the Advisory Scientific Committee - Press Conference Ministry of Finance, Nicosia, Cyprus of vaccines. // Members of the Scientific Committee on coronavirus - Press conference Ministry of Finance, Lefkosia, Cyprus The members of the Scientific Committee on coronavirus, Dr Zoe-Dorothea Pana, Dr Constantinos Tsioutis and Dr Giorgos Nikolopoulos, at a press conference to present the updated national report and the developments on the vaccination issue.

The Chairman of the Advisory Committee, Dr. was hosted on the state radio. Konstantinos Tsioutis, who spoke about the possibility of lifting all restrictive measures.

He initially stated that the examples of other countries are not always good practice, as they may not apply in Cyprus.

He added that it was premature to lift all measures against the pandemic. "The pandemic has shown us many things for two years and other countries have tried in the past without success."

He noted that half of Europe in winter was in lockdown, while Cyprus was not. "This was the result of hasty and frivolous practices." He stressed that they need to see complete data so that the country is safe in the near future.

He clarified that Omicron 2 is mild in people who have immunity. "We need a mature approach and evaluation of all data."

He also mentioned that Omicron 2 is the most contagious strain that exists. "Vaccinations have helped in the event of serious illness or death," he said.

Dr. Tsioutis explained that despite the contagion of the strain, there is great immunity in the country with the result that the hospitals are not full. "Omicron is responsible for the death of more than 25% of patients with coronavirus"

He also estimated that 25% of adults in Cyprus show long covid symptoms, even one year after their coronavirus disease. This, he said, is a new serious medical condition, which may soon be recognized as a disease.