60 Turkish Cypriots were recruited in the free areas

The process of interviews for employment of our Turkish Cypriot compatriots in the free areas is in full swing

turk sen Turkish Cypriots

The process of interviews for the employment of our Turkish Cypriot compatriots in the free areas is in full swing and as "P" is informed, the first 60 recruitments have already taken place. Last December's agreement between the SEC and the respective T-C union Turk-Sen seems to be bearing fruit, while there are several Turkish Cypriots who are waiting for the results of the interviews they gave to Greek Cypriot employers.

A union source from SEK who spoke to "P", stated that the greatest interest for applications is focused on the hotel and food sector, while the construction sector and the retail sector are less interesting. At the same time, the same source stated that so far around 500 applications have been received, which are being evaluated. As we are informed, some Greek Cypriot employers have already contacted the SEC union, expressing interest in finding Turkish Cypriot workers in their companies.

It is reminded that Turkish Cypriots wishing to be employed in the free areas must hold an identity card or passport of the Republic of Cyprus and will be employed on the basis of collective agreements that exist in each sector separately, in order to avoid any exploitation and breach of of labor relations.

The employer is satisfied with this fact, however, as a source of the employer's source told "P", the recruitment of Turkish Cypriot workers can in no way meet the needs of the labor market that exist at this time, especially in in the hotel and catering sectors.

ILO report

In another development, yesterday, the International Labor Organization (ILO) published a report entitled "World Employment and Social Outlook Trends 2022", which provides data on the course of unemployment in the member countries of the Organization. As it turns out, the forecasts for Cyprus for the years 2022 and 2023 are that unemployment will stabilize at around 6%. In terms of employment rates, the ILO estimates for Cyprus indicate that they will be around 58,9% in 2022 and 58,5% in 2023. These data for Cyprus are considered quite satisfactory, as it seems that the The high unemployment rates observed in previous years have not only been significantly reduced, but have stabilized at almost full-time employment. However, as we pointed out above, there are some areas where the lack of manpower is obvious according to previous statements by OEB and CCCI officials, and therefore the employer is looking for ways to fill the vacancies, supporting the acceleration of procedures for recruitment of workers from third countries.