Famagusta: A 31-year-old fugitive threatened a priest and caused damage

30-year-old Stefanos was detained for a case of malicious damage, threat, anxiety and other crimes

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Authorities have been on alert since Tuesday night (11/1), after a detainee at the Omorfita Police Station managed to escape and disappear, with the Police launching a manhunt to locate him.

30-year-old Stefanos Ioannou, as we mentioned in our previous post, seems to have escaped after breaking a window of the Police Station and removing an iron grate. In fact, it seems that he was not noticed at all at the time he left, since the exact time of his escape has not been ascertained.

The Chief of Police has requested a report of events.

Because he had been arrested and was in custody

Stefanos, 30, was in custody for malicious damage, threats, anxiety and other offenses.

Specifically, according to his information 24News, against the 30-year-old, two complaints had been made by a priest in Free Famagusta that, at Christmas and on January 8, he had caused minor damage to his vehicle and home.

In fact, according to the complaint, the Greek Cypriot fugitive seems to have launched threats against the priest and those around him.

It is noted that, well-informed source reports in 24News that the priest who accepted the threats and caused damage to his property, had in his care the 30-year-old Stefanos.

The announcement of the Police for the 30-year-old

In the context of the investigation of the offenses of escape from legal arrest and causing malicious damage, committed on 11/01/2022 in the province of Nicosia, the Nicosia Police Department is looking for Stefanos Ioannou, 30 years old, whose photo is being made public, to assist the Police. , in terms of its location.

Anyone who knows anything that can help locate him is kindly requested to contact the Nicosia Police Department at 22802222 or the Citizen Contact Line 1460 or the nearest Police Station.

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Source: 24News