Murder of Alki: They surround the accomplices of the 23-year-old - What was found

The manhunt for the arrest of the other perpetrators of the murderous attack in Thessaloniki, which cost the life of the 19-year-old fan, continues

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The manhunt for the arrest of the other perpetrators of the murderous attack in Thessaloniki, which cost the life of the 19-year-old Aris fan, Alkis, continues.

Authorities are using various items he has found, such as the deadly weapon found next to the spot where Alkis was killed in the early hours of Tuesday.

According to information, details of the victim and the 23-year-old who has been arrested have been found on it.

The telephones also spoke

On the other hand, the phones also seem to have "spoken". Authorities have material from the analysis of the phone calls and it is revealed with whom the 23-year-old spoke after Alkis's murder.

According to Open, in these phone calls he has talked to some of the 10-15 people who took part in the murderous attack.

Two more arrests after the raid of EL.AS on links

At the same time, the police made two arrests after the raids they made on fan associations in Thessaloniki.

It is recalled that yesterday, a simultaneous operation was carried out by the Police in liaisons of PAOK, in the stadium of the team of Thessaloniki, but also in associations of fans of Aris and Iraklis, in the context of the investigations for the murder of 19-year-old Alkis.

The whole of Greece is watching the developments and the images with shock, with the police coming out of the PAOK liaisons holding deadly weapons that could deprive many more lives and make many Alkis mourn.

According to the information, helmets, pens and other metal objects were confiscated from the links, which are expected to be given for inspection and for finding fingerprints.

In fact, according to the announcement of the police, from the controls were found and confiscated knives, scissors, crowbars, iron fists and objects suitable to cause bodily injuries.

Also, two people were arrested, liaison officers.

It is indicative of the fact that at the Macedonian link on Delfon Street, men of the Police raided yesterday afternoon. After an hour of research, they transported 5 garbage bags and 7 boxes with findings from the specific area.

The announcement of the police

Police officers of the Security Directorate of Thessaloniki in collaboration with police officers and other Directorates of the GADTH, this afternoon (03-02-2022), carried out intensive searches in various clubs of sports clubs in Thessaloniki.

As part of the investigations, which took place in the presence of representatives of the Judicial Authority, inside the premises of thirteen (13) houses that house these clubs and are active fans of the city teams, were found and confiscated:






Iron fists

and other objects, suitable to cause bodily harm.

Two locals, aged 43 and 36, were arrested, in charge of two of the above-mentioned areas, and with the case file against them by police officers of the Sub-Directorate for Combating Violence in Sports Venues, they will be taken to the competent Prosecutor.

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