Famagusta Prefecture: Accumulation of water on the highway

For which point does the Police recommend attention?

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Accumulation of water is observed at various points on the Famagusta-Larnaca highway, especially at points in the direction of Ayia Napa, in the section between Xylofagos and Ayia Napa.

In the mountains, the roads leading to Troodos, namely the roads Platron-Troodos, Karvouna-Troodos, and Prodromou-Troodos, remain open only for vehicles with all four wheels or equipped with anti-skid chains.

Pedoula-Pine Wood-Kakopetria, Pedoula-Prodromou, and Prodromou-Platron roads are also open only for vehicles with four-wheel drive or equipped with anti-skid chains. The Kakopetria-Karvouna road is open to all vehicles, but slippery due to frost, as well as the roads in the other mountainous areas.

Police recommend special attention to those who travel on the road network of mountainous areas, while drivers are called to move at a safe, low speed, to maintain a safe distance from oncoming vehicles, and to give priority to other passing drivers where necessary.

In general, those who will travel on the road network, are required to comply with traffic signals and comply with the traffic code to avoid road accidents.