Another 36 cameras are coming to the streets of Cyprus - When will they be installed

How many out-of-court "cut" cameras

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Complaints of fixed and mobile cameras are reduced, said on the front page the assistant head of the Traffic Department at the Police Headquarters and responsible for the photo-marking system for the Police, Haris Evripidou.

According to preliminary data, within nine days, 5.222 drivers were reported by mobile cameras. The police see that there is compliance with the violations, as these numbers are much lower than the start of the system. "The point is to have compliance, as this will lead to a reduction in road accidents," he said.

Mr. Euripidou explained that the next phase begins at the end of January and within the next six months another 20 fixed cameras and 16 mobile phones will be installed. In total the number of cameras will reach 90.

Regarding the criteria for their installation, he said that first of all, a point is selected where traffic accidents or fatalities are often recorded. Also, an important criterion is the danger and the places where high speeds develop.