Neighbors got into a fight because the dog was barking - One at the hospital

The result of another quarrel that is caused by the nuisance caused by dogs in residential areas.

Hospital, DOG, fight

A person in the hospital and a second wanted by the Police, is the result of another quarrel that has as a cause the harassment caused by dogs in residential areas.

The new episode took place in Pegeia, when a British resident was disturbed by the long and continuous barking of his neighbor's dog. According to the Police, the British man went up to the common wall of their houses, protesting to the owner of the animal, who is an Anglo-Cypriot, about the situation that prevailed.

The latter, according to the complaint, allegedly pushed his neighbor by throwing him from the wall to the ground, from a height of two meters, as a result of which the Briton was injured and transported to Paphos Hospital where he was kept for treatment.

Following the complaint about the incident, the Police issued an arrest warrant against the alleged perpetrator, in order to facilitate the examinations. He was not located, however, and is wanted.