GESS: Immediate solution of the problems - New meeting within two months

The common will of all is to ensure the viability of the GESS, one of the most important reforms concerning the health of all the people.

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Weaknesses and issues that need immediate regulation, such as the strict observance of the legislation concerning the budgets of both the General Health System and the State Health Services Organization, but also the need to strengthen the control mechanisms to combat abuses, was identified in meeting, which was chaired on Thursday at the Presidential Palace, by the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, with all the bodies responsible for the GESS.

In a written statement, the Deputy Government Spokeswoman, Niovi Parisinou, states that the meeting was attended by the Ministers of Finance and Health, the Auditor General, the Assistant Attorney General, the Director General of the Ministry of Health, the Vice Presidents and the Presidents.

During the meeting, he says, the relations between OAY and OKYY and the ways of regulating the obligations of OAY to further meet the obligations of the state related to issues of OKYPY, as well as to ensure the viability of GESS were discussed.

He adds that the contribution of both the Attorney General and the Auditor General was important in the ways of dealing with the weaknesses that have been identified or gaps that have been identified, so that the necessary decisions can be taken to effectively address and ensure the viability of the GESS.

Furthermore, it states that it was decided to consult the OAU with the Legal Service to address the problems identified, as well as consultation between the OAU and OKYY with the Auditor General, in order to effectively address the audits that should be carried out to avoid any possible .

Also, with the suggestion of the President of the Republic, it was decided the direct consultation between OAY and OKYPY with the Attorney General and the Auditor General, but also of the Ministries of Finance and Health, in order to deal with pathogens presented in the implementation of the legislation concerning GESS.

Moreover, Ms. Parisinou states that what was found out during the meeting is the determination of the Presidents of OAY and OKYPY, of the Ministries involved, but also of the Legal Service and the Audit Office to engage in a creative dialogue in the coming weeks, to deal with weaknesses and problems that have been identified.

The common will of all, he notes, is to ensure the viability of the GESS, one of the most important reforms concerning the health of all the people.

Finally, according to the Deputy Government Spokesman, the President of the Republic called on all those involved to proceed to direct consultations, to find solutions to existing problems or weaknesses, emphasizing his determination not to accept in any way a change in the philosophy of a GESS system. which is the greatest conquest of the citizens.

He also scheduled a new meeting within two months, in order to verify compliance with what has been identified or agreed during today's meeting.