At € 1,21 billion the GESS expenses in 2021- Balanced budget 2022

Angelos Tropis stated that "based on the preliminary results, the expenses of 2021 will be approximately equal to the total income".

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In 1,21, the total expenses for GESS services amounted to € 2021 billion, to approximately 920.000 beneficiaries, with the Senior Officer of the Health Insurance Organization (OAY) Angelos Tropis declaring to KYPE that "based on the preliminary results, the expenses of 2021 will be approximately equal to the total revenue ".

"Despite the adverse conditions, the Agency has managed to date to create a reserve of about 300 million euros from which any marginal deficits may be covered and which ensures the viability of the Fund for the coming years," said Mr. Τρόπης.

More specifically in relation to the expenditures of 2021, Mr. Tropis told KYPE that the expenditures for health services for approximately 920.000 beneficiaries amounted to the entire 2021 (January - December) to € 1,21 billion, of which € 227 million were related to outpatient activities of Specialist Doctors, € 87,7 million for Personal Doctors, € 53,5 million for laboratory fees, € 32,7 million for pharmacists, € 36,7 million. fees of other health professionals (physiotherapists, dentists and others), while the cost for outpatient medicines amounted to € 180 million.

He added that the expenses for inpatient care amounted to € 2021 million in 563, while the expenses for First Aid and ambulances amounted to € 32,4 million.

Revenues in the 10 months of 2021

Regarding the revenues from contributions for only the first ten months of 2021 (January - October), due to a two-month delay in the collection of data, Mr. Tropis said that these amounted to € 935,3 million, while revenues for the entire last year year from supplements and contributions, amounted to € 45,1 million.

Budget 2022 has been resubmitted

Regarding the 2022 Budget, Mr. Tropis told KYPE that it "has been adjusted based on the instructions of the Ministry of Finance, ie, as he explained, the state sponsorship, which was included in the initial draft, totaling € 55 million, has been removed. , of which € 30 million related to public health expenditures and € 25 million due to the suspension of the increase in contribution rates as a result of the pandemic.

"Expenditures are balanced with revenues (ie the budget is not in deficit) and relevant adjustments have been made regarding jobs," he stressed.

Specifically, it stated that the 2022 budget envisages revenues of € 1,39 billion, including GESS revenues and administrative revenues, and expenditures of € 1,38 billion, including GESS expenditures and expenditures. administrative and development costs of the OAU.

He noted that this Budget has been resubmitted and is expected to be forwarded for approval by Parliament.