New fraud in the name of the National Health Service - This message is sent by the astute (PICTURE)

How the astute act

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The Health Insurance Organization (OHI) has found that recently false and malicious messages have been sent to mobile phones, using the name GHS/GeSY/GESY and the official logo of GeSY, which inform the recipient that they must follow a relevant electronic link ( link) to update his health record/file.

If the recipient chooses the link, he is asked to enter his personal data such as name, address, city, phone number and then pay a certain fee, choosing a payment method and bank card details.

The OAU underlines that this is a fraud and has nothing to do with GeSY and the OAU. Beneficiaries of the System are asked to be particularly careful and not to follow relevant electronic links and/or make any payment because there is a serious risk of interception of their data. The Agency further points out that it never requests information or payments via text messages and urges the public to ignore such messages. A sample malicious message is listed here. For a sample final screen in case the recipient clicks on the link, click here.

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