Gioliti in Parliament: "Stage set - They came ready for quarrels…" (VIDEO)

The statements made by the Minister of Justice. at the end of the tense session of the Human Rights Committee

Minister of Justice

Statements at the end of the tense session in the Human Rights Committee were made by the Minister of Justice.

The parliamentary Human Rights Committee, in the presence of the Minister of Justice and Public Order Emilys Giolitis and the Chief of Police Stelios Papatheodorou, met regarding the handling of the Minister's complaint for a parody account on Twitter.

Emily Gioliti, among other things, spoke of "populism" and discussions that lowered the level. "They came ready for quarrels ...", said the Minister, among other things. She reiterated that the sole purpose of her complaint was to protect her family.

"The level of discussion was not what I had in mind. They interrupted me many times and I do not think they wanted to get answers. It was a setting, the Bureau called many times in order. "I believe that they came ready for quarrels, disorientation and populism", the Minister noted.

"The procedures that are always followed in such complaints were followed. "I called on the deputies if they want to change the procedures to submit suggestions and proposals", said the Minister.

"I am a threat taker, I am concerned about the very toxic climate that exists," he said.

"Whether it is a criminal or civil matter, the Data Commissioner has been appointed. For a similar case involving a libel in the past I filed a complaint in a civil court and the outcry was the same. "It was a targeted attempt to tarnish my name, I believe."

The session was also linked to the reprehensible reaction of the Police to the protests last Saturday and the resignation of the Minister was repeatedly requested.