Gioliti for episodes: An investigation has been ordered, the perpetrators will be held accountable

Responding to a reporter's question, he said that "there were definitely no instructions for such repression"

emili gioliti Emily Gioliti, EPISODES, Minister of Justice

An investigation has been ordered and those responsible will be held accountable for Saturday's incidents, Justice Minister Emily Giolitis said after a session of the parliament's Human Rights Committee.

He noted that answering a question from AKEL MP Eleni Mavrou, he said that "he did not sleep peacefully" on Saturday night, not even on Sunday.

He also mentioned that he got in touch with Anastasia Dimitriadou, who was injured in the eye during the episodes, and wished her all the best with the operation she is undergoing today.

"Extreme behaviors have no place in the Police and the investigation that will be carried out will be thorough and the perpetrators will be held accountable," said Ms. Gioliti.

Responding to a reporter's question, he said that "there were definitely no instructions for such repression." He added that there is a ban on demonstrations, but that does not mean that the police should react violently. He added that unfortunately there is a pervasive atmosphere that everyone is corrupt and everyone wants the evil of our country, but this is not the case.

Asked whether she will resign, the Minister of Justice stated that her resignation is at the disposal of the President of the Republic on a daily basis.

AKEL MP Eleni Mavrou stated that violence in the streets of Nicosia was put on the agenda by AKEL MPs, who asked for the issue to be registered for discussion as soon as possible.

He also said that the scenes we saw on Saturday afternoon were scary and if we did not mourn human lives it was by chance. He spoke of "unprovoked institutional violence for which no one is responsible", while "it is obvious that the police attack on citizens was pre-determined". He added that no one answers who gave these instructions and an attempt is made to transfer responsibilities to ordinary police officers. He also said that "the rulers are dangerous for democracy and the least the Minister could do today was to assume her responsibilities".

DIKO MP Christos Orfanidis said that regarding the excessive and disproportionate police violence against citizens who were protesting against corruption, there are testimonies of citizens, photos and videos that confirm what happened. He added that the police investigation can and should be completed in 24 hours.

"Unfortunately, we have witnessed a dangerous deviation from democracy and the behavior of an authoritarian regime. "The DISY government must stop using the health crisis as a pretext to silence the negative criticism it receives," he said.

He added that political responsibility is there and must be assumed with the resignation of the Minister of Justice.

The MP of the movement of Ecologists - Citizens' Cooperation George Perdikis spoke about unacceptable violence used by the Police in Saturday's demonstration and said that they expected the Minister to take political responsibility. "I would have resigned in her place," he said.

Source: KYPE