Prodromou's answer about the possibility of early closing of schools for Easter

The statements he made after his vaccination at the State Fair

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There is a discussion in the tripartite committee regarding the operation of the schools and if there are decisions they will be announced, said this morning the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, Prodromos Prodromou, when asked if the primary schools will be closed early for Easter.

“Why do you single out the primary schools? There is a discussion, there is a tripartite committee, from the Ministry of Health, from the Ministry of Education and from the advisory scientific committee. Suggestions are considered, ideas to see how we will adapt. "If there are decisions, they will be announced", said Mr. Prodromou.

Mr. Prodromos' statements were made after the vaccination of members of the Council of Ministers with the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine against coronavirus.

The Minister of Education said that “we have been living this reality for a long time but now we have the opportunity, there is a national plan, a vaccination program, and if we all come and get vaccinated, according to the program, by the summer we will be able to change the conditions themselves ”.

He noted that the Council of Ministers as a whole has been vaccinated and that as far as he is concerned these days, it was his turn to be vaccinated.

"We want to send the message that we must avoid rumors and rumors. Vaccinations have been approved internationally, at European, global level, and collectively all Cypriot citizens should do what we can. "And it is up to us to acquire immunity, because otherwise we will be obliged to constantly take measures which do not please anyone and cause intolerance", Mr. Prodromou pointed out.