When will the registrations for Kindergartens and Elementary schools take place?

Developments are expected regarding the passing of the Amending Law on Primary and Secondary Education

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With reference to the above matter, the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth informs parents/guardians and teachers that registration for the 2023-2024 school year will take place in January 2023, but not in the first week after the holidays of Christmas, as was done in previous years. This is due to the fact that developments are expected regarding the passing of the Elementary and Secondary Education (Compulsory Attendance and Provision of Free Education) Amending Law, which differentiates the mandatory age of attendance of children in kindergarten.

There will be a new announcement at the beginning of January 2023 for the period when registrations/transfers will be held in Public Kindergartens and Primary Schools for the school year 2024-2023, and the procedure that will be followed.