Delinquency and overcrowding are the main problems of primary schools in Larnaca

Delinquency, school bullying, overpopulation of students and the need to create new Primary Schools are some of the problems

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Delinquency, school bullying, student overcrowding and the need to create new Primary Schools are some of the problems facing primary schools in Larnaca, as pointed out by the Federation of Parents' Associations of Primary Education in the city and province of Larnaca.

In a written announcement of the Federation, it is stated that "its priorities, like those of every Cypriot Parents' Federation, concern quality public education in a safe school environment. However, among the priorities is also addressing problems faced by the primary schools of the city and province of Larnaca".

Among them "are problems related to delinquency, school bullying, issues related to special education, educational districts but also the perennial problem of all schools in Cyprus, which is the overpopulation of students in the classrooms. Especially in Larnaca, the problems are focused on overcrowding since, due to the large number of students, classes dealing with other skills, such as IT, are being abolished."

Still "there are classes of 25 children in schools where the composition does not help, since several students are non-native speakers and have immigrant resumes, as a result of which the children who speak the Greek language are a little behind in the lessons, but also the children with immigrant resumes have difficulty to adapt, with the result that the progress of both teams is delayed."

Another big problem, according to the announcement, is "the all-day school which is offered free of charge, but the feeding of the children is up to the Parents' Associations, who are asked to find kitchens under certain specifications with an outdated diet plan, while there is also a problem by subsidizing the feeding of needy students who far outnumber those on aid."

It is added that "the full-day school has a role to play, since it is there to help children with reading, children who face difficulties, but also those who have an immigrant background since their families cannot help them learn Greek. Several of the problems faced by the 53 Primary Schools of the city and province of Larnaca, which are members of the Federation, were raised last year in a meeting held with the Minister of Education during her visit to the city of Zeno.

It is noted that "among the problems faced by children in Primary Schools is the logistical infrastructure and safety in the school premises, due to the big issue that arises, especially the period before Easter with the vandalism, but also the smooth transition of students from Primary in Secondary Education".

Regarding the issue of overcrowding in schools, the Federation states that "there is an immediate need to create new Primary Schools in Livadia, Oroklini and Aradippou. Still, the procedures for the creation of new schools should run faster since the population numbers in certain areas in the city and province of Larnaca are constantly increasing."

Regarding the problem with delinquency, the Federation "calls for the implementation of existing or announced measures such as the installation of closed surveillance systems and guards. It is also requested that the schools remain open during the afternoon, giving the children the opportunity to do various activities, so that the buildings do not become the target of vandalism."

Source: KYPE