Cyprus: Students expelled from the Technical School will attend other schools

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The secondary body of the Ministry of Education ratified the decision of the Teachers' Association of the Paphos Technical School to expel six students, however, it gave the students permission to study in Paphos, in other educational institutions, according to the Director of the Paphos Technical School, Stefanos Eleftheriou.

In his statements to KYPE, Mr. Eleftheriou said that already most of the six expelled students of the Paphos Technical School, specifically the four, have left to enroll in other schools in the district of Paphos and it is very likely that they will start their classes from Monday .

Mr. Eleftheriou stated that both on the procedure and on the content, the secondary body of the Ministry of Education found that the Teaching Association of the Technical School of Paphos did the right thing.
According to the case history, the six students were allegedly involved in an incident that occurred about 20 days ago, which resulted in the serious injury of two students.

One of the expelled students is also alleged to be involved in a new episode that occurred a few days ago, in which a professor was injured by a chair being thrown.