The State honored the worthy child of the homeland, Kyriakos Matsis (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

The annual national memorial of the EOKA hero was held in his birthplace

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November 19 marks 63 years since Kyriakos Matsis sacrificed his life for freedom and moved to the Pantheon of Heroes.

The annual national memorial service for the EOKA hero was held in his hometown, Palaichori, in the presence of his brother Giannakis Matsis, other relatives, comrades-in-arms and many people.

The commemorative speech was delivered by the Speaker of Parliament, Annita Dimitriou, who stressed that it is a sacred and patriotic duty to pay tribute to the heroes.

"We, honoring his memory today, must follow in his footsteps, the steps of patriotism, offering, virtue and love. "Thanks to the sacrifice of Kyriakos Matsis and the sacrifice of all the heroes of the national liberation struggle of EOKA 1955-1959, today we have the independent Republic of Cyprus", the Speaker of the Parliament stated characteristically.

It was November 19, 1958, when British colonial forces surrounded the Five-Finger Cross Eagle at its hideout in Dikomos, and called on him to surrender to save his life.

With Annita Dimitriou emphasizing that "through his hideout in a stuttering voice he responded:" Take it easy! Now I'm alone, come, if you dare, take me. You will not get me out of here alive. "If I go out, I will go out shooting." And so with his youthful blood was written the epilogue of the epic of life and the sacrifice of the ruthless and pure Palaichoritis fighter ".

The memorial service was presided over by the Metropolitan of Tamassos and Orinia Isaia.

Wreaths were laid at the Monument of the Heroes of the Community of Palaichori.

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annita2 fighters, EOKA, KYRIAKOS MATSIS, Memorialannita fighters, EOKA, KYRIAKOS MATSIS, Memorial