Holy Synod for "El diablo": The Government should consider canceling it

"They prefaced our global ridicule by presenting the proclamation that we surrender ourselves to the devil and that in this way we promote his worship."

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The Holy Synod of the Church of Cyprus calls on the Government to cancel the selection of the song approved by the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Radio Foundation (RIK) to represent Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest.

With its announcement, the Holy Synod also demands the replacement of the song with another "which expresses our History, Culture, Traditions and claims".

He also says that the Church receives daily "a host of reactions from thousands of our fellow human beings, who express their justified dissatisfaction with this song, as well as with the way it was chosen", while he says that "renowned musicians of our place have already expressed opposition their".

In the announcement, the Holy Synod expresses strong disagreement and frustration both for the attitude of the Board of Directors of RIK and the other leaders, who, as he says, instead of contributing to the promotion of the rights of our people and the promotion of their demands for freedom and the supremacy of moral values, through any offered international step, "prefaced our global ridicule by presenting the declaration that we surrender ourselves to the devil and that in this way we promote his worship."

"It is essentially a glorification of a fatalistic submission and surrender of man to the power of the devil," he added, while regarding the metaphorical interpretation of the song given by the RIK officials, the Holy Synod says that unacceptable content of his lyrics, which does not cease to represent a sad subculture, unworthy of the culture and values ​​of our people and opposes its Greek and Orthodox traditions ".

"From any point of view and with any explanations, even if we look at the lyrics of the song, they do not send the most appropriate messages that should be sent by a semi-occupied homeland that fights for liberation and prevention of its complete enslavement," it is noted.

"With the visible danger of the provocative bulimia of the Turkish conquerors and highlighting the greatness of the two hundredth anniversary of the National Polygenesis, we call on our people to remain committed to the national and religious values ​​of the great struggle of 1821, to keep their faith of his fathers, a fact which has preserved him until today ", says the announcement.