Marina Satti on the negative reactions to Zari: You also had reggaeton in your village

The singer accompanied her comment with lyrics from the song "Glyka glyka" by Efi Thodi

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The song "Zari", with which Marina Satti will represent Greece at Eurovision, has caused various reactions.

Within a few days of its release, it has managed to go viral, but not only in a positive way. Although "Zari" has won the audience abroad, gathering millions of views, both on YouTube and on other platforms, the Greeks have not "embraced" it in the same way.

Opinions in Greece about "Zari" may differ, but abroad the Greek participation impressed from the first moment. The Eurovision fans who heard the song, have been delighted with the voice of Marina Satti, the rhythm of the song, but also the fact that this year, Greece is coming down with a Greek verse.

In a live that Marina Satti did on her personal Instagram account, she responded to the negative comments, but also to those who say that her piece is reggaeton.

The excerpt was shown on the show "Breakfast SuSu". In it, Marina Satti is heard singing "Glyka glyka" by Efi Thode to the tune of her own song.

"Why did you even have reggaeton in your village," said Marina Satti, expressing her annoyance at the negative comments

In terms of predictions, the Greek song is currently in 7th place for the big winner of Eurovision 2024. Until yesterday, the Greek entry was in 15th place in betting services, while in the previous days it was even further away from the 20th.