Eurovision 2023: Sweden the big winner of the contest

Loreen performed 'Tattoo', scored 583 points and won the top again, 11 years after 'Euphoria'.

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Big winner in Eurovision 2023 is Sweden, confirming all predictions.

The audience in Europe "spoke" and Loreen, with the song "Tattoo", collected 583 points, from the audience and the committees, and gave victory to her country 11 years after "Euphoria", with which she had conquered again the top.

This is Sweden's sixth Eurovision win, having won again in 1974, 1984, 1991, 1999 and 2012.

Sweden's performance that brought victory

Loreen competed in ninth place in the final of the 67th Eurovision Song Contest and was adored both in the Liverpool Arena and on social media.

The artist appeared, just like in the national final of her country and with the same outfit in earth tones.

The atmosphere was evocative and her performance iconic on an impressive construction.

"Tattoo" was released as a single on February 25. After winning the music competition "Melodifestivalen", it was for days at #1 in the charts in Sweden.

Since then, he has managed to conquer the charts of fourteen more countries, including Switzerland, the Netherlands, Greece, Iceland, Belgium and tonight, Eurovision.

Speaking to Rolling Stone about the song, Loreen revealed that it only took 1,5 hours to record. “Well, first of all, sometimes people think you have to struggle to create. But usually, it's the other way around. The biggest hits and biggest performances usually happen very quickly, because it just flows. There must be a certain action. So while I was recording the song in the studio, it took, like, an hour and a half? Something magical happened there," he declared.