Auditor General bell for deficits in OKYPY

The Auditor General sounded the alarm again regarding the deficits and sustainability of the State Health Services Organization (OKYpY)

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The alarm bell regarding the deficits and the viability of the State Health Services Organization (OKYPY) was sounded again by the Auditor General of the Republic Odysseas Michailidis, with the Chairman of the parliamentary Audit Committee, Zacharias the consequences will be unpleasant. "

In his statements after the first meeting of the Committee, Mr. Koulias said that the committee requested a report from the Auditor General as soon as possible, both for OKYPY and the Health Insurance Organization (OAY).

"Apparently, if things are left unchecked, I think the consequences will be unpleasant and they are already unpleasant," he said, adding that many times the executive directors of OKYPY hospitals complain that they do not have the liquidity to buy consumables.

"We have already sent letters to the (parliamentary) Health Committee on the issues of OKYPY, we have sounded the alarm bells that the vehicle is heading towards the cliff", said Mr. Michailidis in his presentation to the parliamentary Audit Committee regarding the operation of the Audit Service and explained that the Agency does not have balanced budgets, but deficits and invoke the coronavirus pandemic.

Besides, DISY MP Savvia Orfanidou said that both OKYPY and OAY have responded to the Auditor General's reports that the deficits have been predicted and are related to the disturbance caused by the pandemic. "We are following this issue closely," he said.

"We blatantly said that the issues identified by the Auditor General have already been identified by the Minister of Health regarding the deficits and we had requested time credit due to the pandemic," he said.

The Auditor General did not share this position during the meeting. "Our prediction is that OKYPY is being mismanaged and we see it in the public contracts it announces," he said.

It is recalled that in his letter to the Health Committee, Mr. Michailidis spoke of a "gloomy picture" of the viability of the Organization based on its budgeted future revenues and expenditures.