Assistant Auditor General - He was not allowed to attend the Finance Department

What a relevant announcement states

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The Assistant Auditor General of the Republic Kyriakos Kyriakou in a statement states that he was not allowed to attend the session of the Parliamentary Committee on Finance on Monday, which in the context of the examination of the Supplementary Budget bill, discussed the issue of Assistant Assistant Secretary General. / Accountant.

"Because the issue concerns me directly, I had asked in writing to attend the Commission meeting to express my views and inform about it, but unfortunately I received a negative answer for reasons I do not understand," he said.

He added that "in relation to what has come to light as to what has been said to the Commission, it seems that accusations have been made against me which on the one hand are unfounded and on the other hand I have not been able to refute them since I was not present."

Last week, Auditor General Odysseas Michailidis had raised the issue of reporting the title of the second to the Audit Office as Assistant Auditor General in the supplementary budget, instead of Assistant Auditor General, at a time when the Audit Office had filed a complaint.

Answering questions from MPs during yesterday's meeting of the Finance Committee, Mr. Michailidis said that the issue with the title and responsibilities of the Assistant Auditor General had arisen during the time of Chrystallas Giorkatzis.

"There was no issue again because there may not have been an Assistant Auditor General who says he is non-existent and does not accept instructions. He did the same to Mrs. Giorkatzi. I have no obsession and I am glad because the issue was raised on Ms. Giorkatzi. Kyriakos Kyriakou sent a letter without giving his title. "The Assistant Auditor General has raised the issue of responsibilities, he argued that we should share responsibilities and everyone should do their own thing," he said.