Armed attack on a well-known Turkish businessman - Information about two dead

Who is the Turkish businessman who was attacked in Kyrenia?

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The information that a well-known Turkish Cypriot businessman was attacked in the occupied Agios Epiktitos of Kyrenia is transmitted by the Turkish Cypriot media.

Turkish businessman Khalil Falgiali was attacked in his vehicle, which was driven by his personal driver.

The Turkish media speaks of an armed attack using automatic weapons.

The Turkish website "Humber Cyprus" broadcasts the information that Falgiali's driver lost his life.

The Turkish Cypriot website, on Tuesday night, initially reported that Falgiali was taken to a "hospital" being "seriously injured".

A little while later, the Turkish Cypriot website reported that Falgiali lost his life despite the doctors' efforts to keep him alive.

Falgiali was on his way home at the time of the attack. His vehicle was following a second car, in which his relatives were going. These individuals were not injured in the attack.

The name of the businessman Falgiali has recently come to the forefront of the Turkish and Turkish news in the context of the revelations of the well-known Turkish man of the night, Sedat Peker. Falgiali was also "detained" some time ago in the occupied territories.