Occupied: They depend on free areas in tourism, say hoteliers

The high prices of air tickets "turned the door of tourism to Larnaca".

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The price they will pay for the lack of a plan in tourism that has been affected for the last 2 years will be very heavy, said the president of the hoteliers association, Dimag Tsaginer, noting that one of the biggest problems in tourism is transport.

According to the GTP, in a statement on an internet channel in the occupied territories, Mr. Tsaginer said that the high prices of air tickets "turned the door of tourism to Larnaca". For this reason, he added, they have become dependent on "southern Cyprus" in tourism, according to him.

He stressed that it is extremely necessary to ensure some facilities at the crossings at the roadblocks and added that to do this it is enough to see what is happening in the rest of the world (in relation to the pandemic).

Noting that "southern Cyprus", in his words, worked with a plan in tourism during the pandemic, Mr. Tsaginer states that "we also seek to get 2-3 seats from flights to Larnaca. We can predict that we will not be able to use the Press. "With these ticket prices it is not possible to bring tourists from Europe."

We left, he continued, tourism in Larnaca and Ledras Street, saying that "even in electricity we depend for certain hours on the south. And we will pay the price for that first personally and then socially ".