The 28-year-old T / C climber who was killed in the USA is being buried in the occupied territories

His father is the "director" of the "secondary education department" at the "ministry of education"

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The coffin with the body of Birkan Uzun arrived in the occupied areas on Sunday night and today is the funeral of the 28-year-old Turkish mountaineer who was killed a few days before the new year, in an accident on a track in Oregon, USA.

The Turkish leader, Ersin Tatar, was also present at the illegal airport of Tympos last night, who also issued a relevant announcement. The coffin of the young man was carried by athletes of the "national team".

The funeral will take place in a mosque in occupied Morphou and the burial will be in occupied Nicosia. Many T / Cs in the occupied territories have put the specific photo of the 16-year-old in their profile, on the occasion of his death. The 26-year-old has been living in the USA since 28. In recent years he has lived in Seattle.

His father is known in the occupied territories because of his position, as he is the "director" of the "secondary education department" in the "ministry of education".

Source: KYPE